Alang Alang Bakso Babi

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Jl. Pong Tiku, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91890. Description If you have come all the way out to Indonesia and at least once on you trip you will try Bakso a meatball based soup normally with noodles and crisp fried krupuk. But alas most have very little meat in them, if at all. But we have found the difference at Alang Alang only that you will have to travel out of town! Head south for 5 km and its on the left hand side just as the great sa’dan river bends. Odering is easy just ask for Bakso and it will be served swiftly to your table. The staff don’t speak English as the Bakso does all the talking. Suggestion Well guys there’s only one choice here but its well worth it a real tasty Bakso soup (12,000 rp) Price All bowls are between (12,000 rp) Drinks range from 3,000 rp for a water to 9,000 rp for drinks from a fridge plus tea or coffee (3-7,000 rp)


Warung Pong Buri'

Warung Pong Buri’

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Jl. Emi Sailan No. 1, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan Description Warung Pong Buri’ has been around for more than 20 years now. They’ve built and kept the reputation of being the warung serving the most authentic Torajan food in Rantepao. Every morning they freshly cook their dishes and leave them in huge pots sitting in the front counter. So open the pots and choose your dish! Pong Buri’ can get really busy with a local crowd around lunchtime. Get there for an early lunch. The warung closes when the food is finished. Suggestion Go for the classic Lendong Pamarassan (eel in black sauce) with rice. (15,000 rp) Price All dishes go for 15-25,000 rp. Unlimited rice is included in the price, as well as drinking water.



Warung Moro Seneng

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Jl. Pongtiku, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91830 Description The owners of this little warung have come over from Java to give you a taste of their cuisine. It’s a no frills kind of place serving mainly the locals. It is located on the southern part of the main road from Rantepao to Makale. Warung Moro Seneng serves all the Indonese classics like bakso, nasi goreng and mie goreng. But their signature dish is mie kuah: noodles with chicken and vegetables in a rich peanut sauce. In front of Moro Seneng, you can also find an outside stall selling fried bananas and fried tofu. Suggestion Go for the tasty mie kuah for 10,000 rp only. Price All dishes go for 10-20,000 rp. Unlimited drinking water comes for free. Fancier drinks like es jeruk go for 4,000 rp.