Day Trekking Tour

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Try something different! Try a Bongtoraja Tour. Trekking Tour Our full day out in toraja you will have an expert guide with private transport to drop you off and pick you up, so you get to enjoy the best parts of toraja. at bongatoraja we worked hard to find a really enjoyable tours. All too many of them are the same old beaten paths we want to change that! Start early picking you up from your hotel then get straight off taking you up to your first drop off point walking up through the paddy fields and slowly climbing the terraces until we reach a village then stop for coffee and our guide will explain interesting points of the local architecture in depth. Next we move high up the mountain taking lunch at Batutumonga with breathtaking views then iether walk back down through a Blacksmithing area or be picked up for further trekking to another area off the beaten track and when the light fades and your legs tired! You will then be returned late afternoon to your hotel. Rates & Booking’s For a competitive price per person or group please get in touch with Bonga Toraja. Call us +62 821 88 084 …


Recipe of the week: Sambalak Lure

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Sambalak Lure or baby Salt fish with Coconut is a Torajan side dish and a great source of energy after a long day. Ingredients 1 coconut 300 gr of baby salt fish 5 cm cubed of fresh turmeric 1 spring onion 2 red shallots vegetable oil Preparation 1/ Take the baby salt fish and fry them off until they are golden brown and crispy. 2/ Take the coconut split in half and grate it out set  it aside in a bowl. 3/ Wash and peel the turmeric then pound to a fine paste. 4/ Peel and cut shallots, cut the spring onion into 3 cm lengths then cut finely length ways. 5/ Place a large wok or frying pan over a stove on to medium heat pour in a little oil and fry the shallots, turmeric  together then slowly add the spring onions coconut and finally the baby salt fish, allow to cook together for a few minutes. The dish is now ready! Serve with freshly steamed rice!



Hidangan Coto

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Jl. A. Mappanyuki No. 100, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91890. Description This little Warung could be easily missed when walking down the main street in Rantepao! Set back and looking like someones little house just near the Post Office. It’s name says it all, Coto; a classic dish from Makassar, a rich soup of buffalo stock with chunks of very lean buffalo meat often eaten with a steamed rice packet woven from a natural palm fronds. Odering is easy just show a finger or two and your Coto is served promptly. The staff don’t speak English as the food does all the talking. Suggestion Well guys there’s only one choice here but its well worth it a real tasty soup (18,000 rp) Price All bowls are between (18,000 rp) Drinks range from 1,000 rp for a water to 9,000 rp for drinks from a fridge plus tea or coffee (3-5,000 rp)


Recipe of the week: Duku Manuk Lalapan

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Duku Manuk Lalapan or Chicken Meat. Cooked in a spicy broth a real home cooked recipe hard to find in most restaurants. Ingredients half a  fresh chicken 3 cloves of garlic 2 bay leaves 1 large hazelnut 1 cm cubed of fresh ginger 2 cm cubed of fresh turmeric 1 cm cubed of fresh galangal 2 stems of lemongrass 1 teaspoon of ground coriander 2 tablespoons of red palm sugar salt to taste 1 glass of coconut water (from the center) Preparation 1/ Peel the garlic, ginger, turmeric, galangal, hazelnut and cut them up then pound into a fine paste. 2/ Take the chicken and cut it up into large pieces then place them in a large saucepan add all the ingredients from step 1 then mix it together with your hands, leave it aside for an hour to soak up the mixture. 3/ Then add the coriander, plus the lemongrass cut into strips. 4/ Add the coconut water plus enough normal water to cover the chicken then add the bay leaves, palm sugar and cook until the liquid has reduced by half adding a little salt to taste. 5/ Now the chicken is ready! You may shallow fry the …



Bambu Restaurant

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Jl. Sangalla’, Kampung lampio, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. Description When we heard of Martin the Chef it surprised us to find out he had rented two of Rantepao’s restaurants making them very successful with his delicious cuisine, soon people noticed and so did the owners so they ended his contract thinking they could do the same, sadly they did not. Now Martin is located on the road to Sangalla‘ with his new restaurant Bambu with an exciting new menu. Using lots of bamboo and natural roofing material it has a natural feel, Bambu restaurant is a great stop off point when visiting sights such as kambira. The staff are very polite and speak English fluently. Suggestion Go for local Torajan vegetables kangkung Ayam Spesial. (18,000 rp) with black rice (10,000 rp) tamarella juice (12,000 rp). or pre-order chicken steamed in bamboo (60,000 rp) Price All food  ranges from 10,000 rp to 60,0000 rp Drinks range from 10,000 rp for a water to 36,000 rp for a beer.



Madarana Hotel

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Jl. sa’dan No. 21, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91883 Description Located on the road to Bolu Market as you approach it from Rantepao it looks as if its traditional Torajan village with its boat shaped houses called Tongkonans enclosed with trees and flowers. As you walk in its sixteen rooms are set out over two floors its location is somewhat noisy. Of all the rooms the better ones are on the first floor facing towards the garden if you feel like a little bit more of an upgrade this place is a good choice. Facilities Breakfast included / English speaking staff / Free maps / Laundry / Lounge / Bar / Massage service / Motorbike rental / Restaurant Rates & bookings Standard room: 350,000 rp Do you require more information? Or do you want to make a reservation? Get in touch with Bonga Toraja. Call us +62 821 88 084 848 • E-mail us: info @ bongatoraja . com • Skype us: BongaToraja.



Toraja Misiliana Hotel

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Jl. Pongtiku No. 27, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. Description Toraja Misiliana Hotel  is a purpose built hotel complex located 5 minutes from the center of Rantepao, It is a family run hotel which was established in 1980 with 5 rooms, reception and a restaurant since then it has slowly built up to be major hotel in Toraja. Set around a large garden with different conference centers, restaurants and a large swimming pool with nine different room categories the choice is extensive from a Standard room right up to the Presidents suite. What we like is the many little quotes from the Bible painted on wooden boards dotted around the gardens. It’s well worth staying there if you like a comfortable room after returning from a long day touring. On arrival the staff make you feel very at home serving you with welcome drinks, feel free to ask them any questions as their English ability is excellent. Facilities Air conditioning / Breakfast included / Car rental / Credit cards accepted / English speaking staff / Free maps / Guide service /  Gym / Laundry / Live Music / Lounge/Bar / Massage service / Motorbike rental / Restaurant / Souvenir shop / Swimming pool …



Gazebo Restaurant

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Jl Abdul Gani no 2 , Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91831 Description Gazebo restaurant has gone far to create an ambient Torajan  atmosphere using traditional rice granaries for its seating area within sculptured gardens. You sit surrounded by brightly coloured cement fish by little bridges, located At the back there is further seating in an open plan restaurant. The menu has a few Indonesian style spelling mistakes which put smiles on many a tourists face. Service is good although they lack the English ability. Suggestion Go for chicken steak with french fries with an onion sauce 40,000 rp. Price Food prices range from 15,000 rp for Noodles with vegetables right up to 40,000 rp for Traditional dishes. Drinks range from 5,000 for a water to 10,000 rp for fruit punch.

Map of Toraja

Map of Toraja

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Essential for any visit to Tana Toraja is a map of the whole region including all places of interest. Click on a place below to get more information about it. Or download the map as a .pdf on the bottom of this page. Places of interest 1/ Batutumonga. amazing views 2/ Benteng Pongtiku. fort 3/ Bori’. burial site, ceremonial ground & megaliths 4/ Buntu Pune’. traditional village 5/ Kambira. baby graves 6/ Ke’te’ Kesu’. traditional village 7/ Lemo. burial site 8/ Lempo. ceremonial ground & megaliths 9/ Lo’ko’ Mata. burial site 10/ Londa. burial site 11/ Makula. hot springs 12/ Marante. burial site 13/ Nanggala. traditional village 14/ Pala’ Tokke’. hanging graves 15/ Palawa’. traditional village 16/ Pasar Bolu. buffalo market 17/ Pongtiku Airport 18/ Rante Karassik. ceremonial ground & megaliths 19/ Sarambu. waterfalls 20/ Suaya. royal burial site 21/ Tampangallo’. burial site & baby graves 22/ Tilangnga. natural swimming pool 23/ To’ Barana. traditional village & weaving center 24/ Tumakke. traditional village Download Click here to download the map as a .pdf (6,5 MB). Print it and bring it with you to Tana Toraja!