Papa Batu Tongkonan

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On the road from Makale to Bittuang  you will find Papa Batu. Sitting near the top of a hill where you will find Toraja’s last surviving stone roofed Tonkonan still standing after 700 years. Ten generations of the same family have lived in the Tongkonan since its first construction. visitors are welcome to enter on one condition: To knock on the door not with their hands but with their heads three times. Torajans believe that by doing it that way, no harm will come to them on the way home! Entry fee: 20,000 rp. How to get there? Jump on a Makale bound Kijang and get out at Makale terminal. Then jump on a Bittuang bound Kijang asking the driver to drop you off at the junction of Tumakke’ (Kiri dekat de jalan Tumakke’) Then it’s a ten minute walk up to Papa Batu, located next to the village of Desa Banga.

Ke'te Kesu'

Ke’te Kesu’

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From all interesting places to visit in Tana Toraja, Ke’te’ Kesu’ is the most complete settlement. The site consists of a compound of houses and granaries, a burial place, ceremonial grounds, ricefields and water buffalo pasture. The cultural landscape around Ke’te’ Kesu’ makes this area one of the most beautiful places in Tana Toraja. Ke’te Kesu’ compound comprises 6 traditional tongkonan houses and 12 granaries. The houses and granaries are laid out in the traditional arrangement and one of the houses serves as a museum. To the north, at a distance of about 50 meters, lies the ceremonial ground, displaying more than 20 megaliths. Entry fee: 20,000 rp per person. How to get there? Jump on a Bolu-Ke’te Kesu’-La’bo pete-pete and ask the driver to drop you off at the turn-off to the burial site (ask “kiri decat di jalan Ke’te Kesu’”). From there on it’s a 20 minute walk.



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Another traditional village is Palawa’, a compound of traditional houses and granaries. In total there are 11 tongkonan and 15 granaries. Like many Toraja compounds, the Palawa’ houses and granaries are arranged in two parallel rows aligned east-west direction. The houses face north, while the granaries face south. The entrance is situated in the western side of the compound. The ceremonial ground lies about 350 meters to the east. Entry fee: 20,000 rp! How to get there? Jump on a Bolu-Sa’dan pete-pete and ask the driver to drop you off at the burial site (ask “kiri decat di Palawa’”). It is located next to the main road.

Buntu Pune'

Buntu Pune’

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Formerly, the sites of Buntu Pune’ and Rante Karassik belonged to one integrated settlement. Buntu Pune’ was the dwelling compound and Rante Karassik was the ceremonial ground. Although these sites are now separated due to recent development, the sites still function as they did in the past. You will find 7 granaries and 2 big traditional tongkonan built around 1880. All are owned by the family of Pong Maramba, an important coffee farmer in Tana Toraja. On a hill behind the granaries you can see the the grave of Pong Maramba. It is said this was the first building in Tana Toraja made of concrete. Entry fee: free! How to get there? The easiest way is to jump on an ojek or sitor in town. It’s located just outside of town.


Duta 88

Duta 88 Cottages

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Jl. Sawerigading No. 12, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91883 Description Located very centrally, this compact group of Torajan “Tongkonan” houses are set in a very colorful garden. Each room has its own balcony, which can be a good way of meeting other guests. It’s just above budget price but has an excellent position and its breakfast is included in the price. It’s only a short walk from the bus station which is a plus when arriving late (or very early) after a tiring journey. The central mosque close by can be a little noisy, but most travellers in Indonesia are used to it anyway. The staff speaks basic English. Facilities Breakfast included / Car rental / English speaking staff / Guide Service / Laundry / Massage / Motorbike rental / Restaurant Rates & bookings Double room: 200,000 rp Do you require more information? Or do you want to make a reservation? Get in touch with Bonga Toraja. Call us +62 821 88 084 848 • E-mail us: info @ bongatoraja . com • Skype us: BongaToraja.