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Another traditional village is Palawa’, a compound of traditional houses and granaries. In total there are 11 tongkonan and 15 granaries. Like many Toraja compounds, the Palawa’ houses and granaries are arranged in two parallel rows aligned east-west direction. The houses face north, while the granaries face south. The entrance is situated in the western side of the compound. The ceremonial ground lies about 350 meters to the east. Entry fee: 20,000 rp! How to get there? Jump on a Bolu-Sa’dan pete-pete and ask the driver to drop you off at the burial site (ask “kiri decat di Palawa’”). It is located next to the main road.



Luta Resort Hotel

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Jl. Ratulangi No. 26, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91831 Description Luta Resort Hotel is probably your best option when looking for a classy hotel right in the center of Rantepao, without having to pay an unreasonably high price. Luta is a stylish 3*** hotel set around a beautifully sculpted garden with all amenities at hand. It is located next to the Sandan river. Some rooms have a stunning view over the rice paddies and the nearby mountains. It’s well worth staying there if you like a comfortable room after returning from a long day touring. Facilities Air conditioning / Book exchange / Breakfast included / Car rental / Credit cards accepted / English speaking staff / Free maps / Guide service /  Gym / Laundry / Live Music / Lounge/Bar / Massage service / Motorbike rental / Restaurant / Sauna / Souvenir shop / Swimming pool Rates & bookings Superior room: 550,000 rp Deluxe room: 650,000 rp Junior suite: 750,000 rp Do you require more information? Or do you want to make a reservation? Get in touch with Bonga Toraja. Call us +62 821 88 084 848 • E-mail us: info @ bongatoraja . com • Skype us: BongaToraja.


Do you know… how to get around in Rantepao & Toraja?

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Pete-pete Pete-petes are the blue and yellow minivans you see all over town. They all start from Bolu market. Their routes include: Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Alang-Alang (3,000 rp) – Salu (5,000 rp) Bolu – Lempo (10,000 rp) – Batutumonga (15,000 rp) Bolu – Nanggala (5,000 rp) Bolu – Palawa (3,000 rp) – Sadan (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) – Randanbatu (7,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Lolai (10,000 rp) – Pangala (30,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Parinding (5,000 rp) – Bori (7,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Siguntu (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Tikala (5,000 rp) All prices are per person. Take note that pete-petes only leave when they are full, which sometimes can take an hour or more. Kijang Shared Kijangs (also known as bemos) drive between 6:00 and 20:00 from Bolu via Rantepao to Makale and back. You can recognize them by their yellow license plate. Just halt one on the main road from Rantepao …