Day Trekking Tour

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Try something different! Try a Bongtoraja Tour. Trekking Tour Our full day out in toraja you will have an expert guide with private transport to drop you off and pick you up, so you get to enjoy the best parts of toraja. at bongatoraja we worked hard to find a really enjoyable tours. All too many of them are the same old beaten paths we want to change that! Start early picking you up from your hotel then get straight off taking you up to your first drop off point walking up through the paddy fields and slowly climbing the terraces until we reach a village then stop for coffee and our guide will explain interesting points of the local architecture in depth. Next we move high up the mountain taking lunch at Batutumonga with breathtaking views then iether walk back down through a Blacksmithing area or be picked up for further trekking to another area off the beaten track and when the light fades and your legs tired! You will then be returned late afternoon to your hotel. Rates & Booking’s For a competitive price per person or group please get in touch with Bonga Toraja. Call us +62 821 88 084 …

Map of Toraja

Map of Toraja

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Essential for any visit to Tana Toraja is a map of the whole region including all places of interest. Click on a place below to get more information about it. Or download the map as a .pdf on the bottom of this page. Places of interest 1/ Batutumonga. amazing views 2/ Benteng Pongtiku. fort 3/ Bori’. burial site, ceremonial ground & megaliths 4/ Buntu Pune’. traditional village 5/ Kambira. baby graves 6/ Ke’te’ Kesu’. traditional village 7/ Lemo. burial site 8/ Lempo. ceremonial ground & megaliths 9/ Lo’ko’ Mata. burial site 10/ Londa. burial site 11/ Makula. hot springs 12/ Marante. burial site 13/ Nanggala. traditional village 14/ Pala’ Tokke’. hanging graves 15/ Palawa’. traditional village 16/ Pasar Bolu. buffalo market 17/ Pongtiku Airport 18/ Rante Karassik. ceremonial ground & megaliths 19/ Sarambu. waterfalls 20/ Suaya. royal burial site 21/ Tampangallo’. burial site & baby graves 22/ Tilangnga. natural swimming pool 23/ To’ Barana. traditional village & weaving center 24/ Tumakke. traditional village Download Click here to download the map as a .pdf (6,5 MB). Print it and bring it with you to Tana Toraja!

Bori' Parinding

Bori’ Parinding

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On the road from Rantepao to Batutumonga, in the middle of stunning rice paddies, you will find the site of Bori’ Parinding. It is a combination of ceremonial grounds and burials. The ceremonial ground is an open space used for traditional ceremonies, including rituals for the dead and thanksgiving. More than a hundred megaliths stand on the ceremonial ground, each representing a feast of merit performed in the past by a person of high status. Human remains are placed in stone chambers carved out of huge stone boulders, which lies scattered around the ceremonial ground. There are five tongkonan compound spread around the area. Bamboo is now planted in some places around the ceremonial ground to replace the extinct bamboo forest of the traditional settlement. In the middle of the bamboo trees there’s some baby graves cut out of a tree. Entry fee: 20,000 rp. How to get there? Jump on a Bori’ bound pete-pete and ask the driver to drop you off at the burial site (ask “kiri decat di Bori’ Parinding”). It is located next to the main road.

Lo'ko' Mata

Lo’ko’ Mata

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In the mountains of Batutumonga you will find the burial site of Lo’ko’ Mata.  You’ll find 20-30 burial chambers cut out of one giant rock. Although it’s not really common at Lo’ko’ Mata, you will see a couple of Tau Tau, realistic looking wooden ancestor statues, lined up on a small balcony and a nice big buffalo head cut out of the rock. Walk around the big rock. On the left side you will find an open grave. The door to the grave is only 80x80cm but the actual grave inside measures 2m x 2m x 1m and is big enough for several coffins. At Lo’ko’ Mata you will also find a couple of smaller megaliths. Entry fee: free! How to get there? Jump on a Bolu-Batutumonga pete-pete and ask the driver to drop you off at the burial site (ask “kiri decat di Lo’ko’ Mata”). It is located next to the main road.


Do you know… how to get around in Rantepao & Toraja?

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Pete-pete Pete-petes are the blue and yellow minivans you see all over town. They all start from Bolu market. Their routes include: Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Alang-Alang (3,000 rp) – Salu (5,000 rp) Bolu – Lempo (10,000 rp) – Batutumonga (15,000 rp) Bolu – Nanggala (5,000 rp) Bolu – Palawa (3,000 rp) – Sadan (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) – Randanbatu (7,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Lolai (10,000 rp) – Pangala (30,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Parinding (5,000 rp) – Bori (7,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Siguntu (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Tikala (5,000 rp) All prices are per person. Take note that pete-petes only leave when they are full, which sometimes can take an hour or more. Kijang Shared Kijangs (also known as bemos) drive between 6:00 and 20:00 from Bolu via Rantepao to Makale and back. You can recognize them by their yellow license plate. Just halt one on the main road from Rantepao …