Alang Alang Bakso Babi

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Jl. Pong Tiku, Rantepao, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia 91890. Description If you have come all the way out to Indonesia and at least once on you trip you will try Bakso a meatball based soup normally with noodles and crisp fried krupuk. But alas most have very little meat in them, if at all. But we have found the difference at Alang Alang only that you will have to travel out of town! Head south for 5 km and its on the left hand side just as the great sa’dan river bends. Odering is easy just ask for Bakso and it will be served swiftly to your table. The staff don’t speak English as the Bakso does all the talking. Suggestion Well guys there’s only one choice here but its well worth it a real tasty Bakso soup (12,000 rp) Price All bowls are between (12,000 rp) Drinks range from 3,000 rp for a water to 9,000 rp for drinks from a fridge plus tea or coffee (3-7,000 rp)


Do you know… how to get around in Rantepao & Toraja?

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Pete-pete Pete-petes are the blue and yellow minivans you see all over town. They all start from Bolu market. Their routes include: Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Alang-Alang (3,000 rp) – Salu (5,000 rp) Bolu – Lempo (10,000 rp) – Batutumonga (15,000 rp) Bolu – Nanggala (5,000 rp) Bolu – Palawa (3,000 rp) – Sadan (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) – Randanbatu (7,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Lolai (10,000 rp) – Pangala (30,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Parinding (5,000 rp) – Bori (7,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Siguntu (5,000 rp) Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Tikala (5,000 rp) All prices are per person. Take note that pete-petes only leave when they are full, which sometimes can take an hour or more. Kijang Shared Kijangs (also known as bemos) drive between 6:00 and 20:00 from Bolu via Rantepao to Makale and back. You can recognize them by their yellow license plate. Just halt one on the main road from Rantepao …