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In Suaya, in the south-east of Tana Toraja, surrounded by ponds and rice paddies, you will find the tombs of the royal family of Sangalla’. Since the royal family didn’t allow any other families to have graves closeby, the giant rock of Suaya just has a few graves. But the huge amount of old Tau Tau (40-50), realistic looking wooden ancestor statues placed on several big and small balconies, shows the wealth of the family. On the right side of the rock you will find stairs. Go up for a nice view over the royal rice paddies. Also find a small museum on the right side where skulls & bones and some old wooden coffins can be seen. Some of them are shaped as buffalos. Go a little further on the road in the direction of Sangalla’ and Makula’ and you will find the royal ceremonial grounds on your left side, containing several strangely shaped megalithsEntry fee: 20,000 rp.

How to get there?

Jump on a Makale bound Kijang. Just before Makale, the driver will ask you to leave the vehicle. At that place you are able to take on a pete-pete to Sangalla’. From there on, travel by ojek to Suaya.


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