Recipe of the week BolaTollo sola Den Dua Kau

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Bola Tollo sola Den Dua Kau or Bamboo with Tapioca leaves  is a Torajan village recipe and a must eat on any visitor’s itinerary.


100 g tapioca leaves
700 g bamboo root
1 coconut
2 cloves of garlic
2 shallots
2 cm cubed of fresh turmeric
1 stem of lemongrass
1 vegetable stock cube
dash of salt
vegetable oil


1/Take the tapioca leaves and put them in a large bowl then using the palms of your hands fold the leaves until they have broken up.
2/Peel off the outer layers of the bamboo root and finely cut into large flat squares, place in a saucepan and fill with water then boil it for 10 minutes.
3/ Finely cut up the garlic and shallots, peel the turmeric and grate finely.Crush the lemongrass with the flat side of a knife and tie in a knot.
4/ Take the coconut split in half and grate it out, place it in a bowl and pour over half a liter of warm water then squeeze the mixture with your hands producing a pulp. Take a sieve and press the pulp through it to obtain the milk.
5/ Place a large wok or saucepan over a stove on medium heat pour in a little oil and fry off the onions and garlic until light brown. Add the coconut milk, turmeric, lemongrass and the stock cube.
6/ Add the tapioca leaves then slowly add the bamboo cook for 5-10 minutes adding a little salt to taste.

The dish is now ready! Serve with freshly steamed rice!


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