Pasar Bolu

Pasar Bolu – Bolu’s Buffalo Market

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Every six days it’s market day in Bolu, a small village located about 1 km from the center of Rantepao. Pasar Bolu is a unique traditional Torajan public market that draws crowds from all over Tana Toraja. You can go there for the usual stuff like fruit & vegetables, fish and household stuff, but also for Torajan coffee, traditional Torajan spices (pamarassan…) or traditional Torajan cakes & candy. But the largest part of the market is reserved for buffalos and pigs. Hundreds of buffalos and hundreds of pigs are on sale, including the infamous and very expensive Tedong Bonga. People come from all over Toraja to sell their animals. For most animals this is their last stop before they head to a funeral to get sacrificed.

Click here for a schedule of Bolu’s Buffalo Market days.

Pasar Bolu

How to get there?

Jump on a northern bound Kijiang. Bolu Market is their final destination. The Kijiangs will take you there for 2,000 rp only.

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  1. Maaike

    I have a question:
    Is the added link to the schedule of de Buffalo Maket from 2018 or is it an old one?
    I like to visit the market this year.

    Hope to hear :)

    Aug.18.2018 at 11:58 pm
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