Recipe of the week: Pa’piong Burak Manuk

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Pa’piong Burak Manuk or steamed chicken with banana stem is a classic Torajan recipe and a must eat on any visitor’s itinerary.


500 g chicken (cut into small pieces)
500 g of banana stem
3 spring onions (cut into 5 cm flakes)
2 big red chilies (de-seeded then sliced into long pieces of about 5 cm)
3 pieces of garlic (cut thinly)
3 shallots (cut thinly)
2 stems of lemon grass (cut it into 7 cm strips then smashed up)
5-7 cm of ginger (cut into thing long pieces)
Half a grated coconut
Dash of salt & pepper
2 lengths of bamboo cut to 0.5 m (including 1 closed end and 1 open end!)
2 banana leaves


1/ Finely cut the banana stem and sprinkle with salt. Press it all together with your hands and massage it to soften it up. Drain away the salty water.
2/ Peel off the outer hard layers of the banana stem until you find the inner softer core and finely cut it up. Put chicken, banana stem, spring onions, chilies, shallots, lemon grass and ginger into a large bowl and mix it up with the pepper. Allow the ingredients to rest for one hour to soak up the flavours.
3/ Add the grated coconut and mix it through the ingredients.
4/ Wash out the bamboo tubes and place the chicken mixture gently into them. Make sure you give the bottom of the tube a tap on the ground so all the contents are evenly placed.
5/ Seal the tops with a folded length of banana leaf and set the tubes upright over a fire for 30-40 minutes. Turn them around every 5 minutes so the contents are steamed evenly.
6/ Take the tubes off the fire and let them cool down for 20 minutes.
7/ Slit the edge of the bamboo and peel open like a banana skin.

The dish is now ready! Serve with freshly steamed rice!


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  1. Yuna

    Ah, this is my most favourite dish from Toraja.
    I hope you wouldn’t mind if i used your picture on my blog and I will link it to this post of yours. Thank you.

    Apr.21.2015 at 12:09 pm
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