Papa Batu Tongkonan

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On the road from Makale to Bittuang  you will find Papa Batu. Sitting near the top of a hill where you will find Toraja’s last surviving stone roofed Tonkonan still standing after 700 years. Ten generations of the same family have lived in the Tongkonan since its first construction. visitors are welcome to enter on one condition: To knock on the door not with their hands but with their heads three times. Torajans believe that by doing it that way, no harm will come to them on the way home! Entry fee: 20,000 rp.

How to get there?

Jump on a Makale bound Kijang and get out at Makale terminal. Then jump on a Bittuang bound Kijang asking the driver to drop you off at the junction of Tumakke’ (Kiri dekat de jalan Tumakke’) Then it’s a ten minute walk up to Papa Batu, located next to the village of Desa Banga.


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