Map of Toraja

Map of Toraja

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Essential for any visit to Tana Toraja is a map of the whole region including all places of interest. Click on a place below to get more information about it. Or download the map as a .pdf on the bottom of this page.

Places of interest

1/ Batutumonga. amazing views
2/ Benteng Pongtiku. fort
3/ Bori’. burial site, ceremonial ground & megaliths
4/ Buntu Pune’. traditional village
5/ Kambira. baby graves
6/ Ke’te’ Kesu’. traditional village
7/ Lemo. burial site
8/ Lempo. ceremonial ground & megaliths
9/ Lo’ko’ Mata. burial site
10/ Londa. burial site
11/ Makula. hot springs
12/ Marante. burial site
13/ Nanggala. traditional village
14/ Pala’ Tokke’. hanging graves
15/ Palawa’. traditional village
16/ Pasar Bolu. buffalo market
17/ Pongtiku Airport
18/ Rante Karassik. ceremonial ground & megaliths
19/ Sarambu. waterfalls
20/ Suaya. royal burial site
21/ Tampangallo’. burial site & baby graves
22/ Tilangnga. natural swimming pool
23/ To’ Barana. traditional village & weaving center
24/ Tumakke. traditional village


Click here to download the map as a .pdf (6,5 MB). Print it and bring it with you to Tana Toraja!


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