Ke'te Kesu'

Ke’te Kesu’

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From all interesting places to visit in Tana Toraja, Ke’te’ Kesu’ is the most complete settlement. The site consists of a compound of houses and granaries, a burial place, ceremonial grounds, ricefields and water buffalo pasture. The cultural landscape around Ke’te’ Kesu’ makes this area one of the most beautiful places in Tana Toraja. Ke’te Kesu’ compound comprises 6 traditional tongkonan houses and 12 granaries. The houses and granaries are laid out in the traditional arrangement and one of the houses serves as a museum. To the north, at a distance of about 50 meters, lies the ceremonial ground, displaying more than 20 megaliths. Entry fee: 20,000 rp per person.

How to get there?

Jump on a Bolu-Ke’te Kesu’-La’bo pete-pete and ask the driver to drop you off at the turn-off to the burial site (ask “kiri decat di jalan Ke’te Kesu’”). From there on it’s a 20 minute walk.


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