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On the road from Sangalla’ to Suaya you will find Kambira. Surrounded by a bamboo forest you will find a large tree containing several baby graves. Some of them are more than 100 years old. When a baby that does not have any teeth yet dies in Tana Toraja, it is brought within the hour to the baby tree of the village, where a the a small ceremony is held (no buffalos are sacrificed). Torajans believe that by doing it that way, the spirit of the baby will grow up together with the tree to reach the sky, where it can go to the afterlife. Entry fee: 20,000 rp.

How to get there?

Jump on a Makale bound Kijang. Just before Makale, the driver will ask you to leave the vehicle. At that place you are able to take on a pete-pete to Sangalla’. From there on, travel by ojek to Kambira.


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