Guide service

As anywhere else in the world, tourist guides are often hated. They use to open doors and go through the same old doors each time a tourist passes by. But often guides are essential to get deep into another culture. That’s not different in Tana Toraja. If you want to attend a funeral (which we highly recommend!), it is in most cases nearly impossible without a guide. You will simply not find it.

More than 100 guides operate here in Tana Toraja. And although Toraja has got an official association of licensed guides, it is not guaranteed that that person you meet at the bus station or in your hotel or guesthouse will satisfy your needs or will be as enthusiastic with you as he was with the last client he delt with.

Bonga Toraja has done its research. We have vetted a guide structure to fit the right guide for the right kind of people. To put it simple, we want your experience to be as subtle as exploring Tana Toraja by yourself, but with having a private Torajan encyclopedia always at hand.

All guides hired by Bonga Toraja speak English. If needed, we can also provide you a French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Italian speaking guide. The official guide rate, as published by the official association of licensed guides, is 300,000 rp per day.

If needed, Bonga Toraja can also arrange you a car (experienced driver included) for exploring Tana Toraja. The price is 350,000 rp per day, fuel included.

Please get in touch with Bonga Toraja if you need more info or if you want to book a guide or a car with a driver to explore Tana Toraja.