Tedong Bonga

Do you know…the meaning of Bonga?

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Bonga, or a Tedong Bonga is the name given to a type of water buffalo with a unique colouration only known to Sulawesi. The colouration is mainly pink to white to black with horns and blue eyes.

The bonga is very symbolic standing out from the normal buffalo. With a price tag between 30,000 and 60,000 $ (compared to 1,500-2,000 $ for a regular buffalo), it is highly prized and is mainly used to show ones wealth at a Torajan funeral.

Tedong Bonga Statue

The Tedong Bonga is also used as a symbol by local governments to welcome their guests. A fine example is the Tedong Bonga statue which you can find on the main road coming from Makale, just before you reach Rantepao. The statue shows a man posing with a white Tedong Bonga buffalo.


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