Do you know… how to get around in Rantepao & Toraja?

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Pete-petes are the blue and yellow minivans you see all over town. They all start from Bolu market. Their routes include:

Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Alang-Alang (3,000 rp) – Salu (5,000 rp)
Bolu – Lempo (10,000 rp) – Batutumonga (15,000 rp)
Bolu – Nanggala (5,000 rp)
Bolu – Palawa (3,000 rp) – Sadan (5,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Kete Kesu (3,000 rp) – La’bo (5,000 rp) – Randanbatu (7,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Lolai (10,000 rp) – Pangala (30,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Parinding (5,000 rp) – Bori (7,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Siguntu (5,000 rp)
Bolu – Rantepao (2,000 rp) – Tikala (5,000 rp)

All prices are per person. Take note that pete-petes only leave when they are full, which sometimes can take an hour or more.


Shared Kijangs (also known as bemos) drive between 6:00 and 20:00 from Bolu via Rantepao to Makale and back. You can recognize them by their yellow license plate. Just halt one on the main road from Rantepao to Makale. Price per person is 2,000 rp for a ride within Rantepao or 5,000 rp for a ride from Rantepao to Makale (or back).


Sitors are 3 wheeled motorcycle taxis with a 2 person seat in front. It is your main vehicle of choice when in need for a taxi. They are all over town and charge 4,000 rp for a ride into town. Warning: some drivers try to charge you 10,000 rp. Be confident and only pay them 4,000 rp.


There are less ojeks, or motorcycle taxis, than in bigger cities like Makassar. They are mainly used for longer rides in Tana Toraja. Prices start at 5,000 rp for a ride into town.

Private car

If you’re planning a longer trip around Tana Toraja, Bonga Toraja can arrange you a private car with experienced driver. The price is 350,000 rp per day (fuel included).

Get in touch with Bonga Toraja. Call us +62 821 88 084 848 • E-mail us: info @ bongatoraja . com • Skype us: BongaToraja.


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