Buntu Pune'

Buntu Pune’

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Formerly, the sites of Buntu Pune’ and Rante Karassik belonged to one integrated settlement. Buntu Pune’ was the dwelling compound and Rante Karassik was the ceremonial ground. Although these sites are now separated due to recent development, the sites still function as they did in the past. You will find 7 granaries and 2 big traditional tongkonan built around 1880. All are owned by the family of Pong Maramba, an important coffee farmer in Tana Toraja. On a hill behind the granaries you can see the the grave of Pong Maramba. It is said this was the first building in Tana Toraja made of concrete. Entry fee: free!

How to get there?

The easiest way is to jump on an ojek or sitor in town. It’s located just outside of town.


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